Global Change

Aquatic ecosystems, and plankton in particular, are sensitive to various aspects of anthropogenic global change. We have been investigating the responses of phytoplankton to such stressors as ultraviolet radiation, increased nutrient loading, and also changes in mixing regimes due to increased temperature.

Currently the research focus is to predict potential phytoplankton community re-organizations under different global change scenarios in freshwater lakes. In particular, we are interested in how various alterations of physical and chemical conditions in lakes would impact different functional groups of phytoplankton, including harmful cyanobacteria. We use trait-based mechanistic approaches to understand community assembly under different environmental conditions.


Lab Members

Elena Litchman, Christopher Klausmeier


Pat Neale (SERC), Peter Bossard (EAWAG, Switzerland), Paul Falkowski, Oscar Schofield and Jim Miller (Rutgers University)


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Reprint (139KB PDF)

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Reprint (1.26MB PDF)

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Last updated: December 19, 2006