Ecological Stoichiometry

Ecological Stoichiometry is the study of how elemental ratios affect ecological processes at scales from the cellular to the global. A good overview of the field can be found in Bob Sterner and Jim Elser's classic book, Ecological Stoichiometry (Princeton University Press 2002).

Our work on Ecological Stoichiometry began during our postdoctoral studies with Simon Levin (C. Klausmeier) and Paul Falkowski (E. Litchman). There, we focused on controls of phytoplankton stoichiometry, the evolution of the Redfield ratio, and how stoichiometry affects the structure of communities and the entire ocean ecosystem. Our interest in the area continues, as it is clear that elemental ratios play important roles in shaping plankton communities.


Lab Members

Christopher Klausmeier and Elena Litchman


Tanguy Daufresne (INRA, France), Paul Falkowski (Rutgers), Tim Lenton (UEA, UK), Simon Levin (Princeton)


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Reprint (643KB PDF) :: Supplementary Info (40KB PDF)

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Reprint (???KB PDF)

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Reprint (312KB PDF)

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Reprint (212KB PDF)

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Litchman, E. Resource competition and ecological success of phytoplankton. 2007. In: The Evolution of Primary Producers in the Sea, Eds. P.G. Falkowski and A.H. Knoll. pp. 351-375. Elsevier.


Financial Support

Falkowski, P. G., NSF, Biocomplexity Program.

Levin, S. A., 200?-200?. ?. NSF, Biocomplexity Program (DEB-0083566)

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